Street Fighter V Worldwide Beta Resumes

I cannot wait for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter has been a part of my life since Street Fighter II hit arcades and never went away. Arcades around me disappeared in a hurry but, thanks to consoles getting stronger every generation, home versions featured modes and characters not available in arcades, as well as online play so you didn’t have to beg your friends to come over in order to digitally beat them up.

The first SFV Beta Test was originally scheduled earlier, but almost immediately collapsed under the pressure of devoted PlayStation 4 pre-order players crushing the servers. This outcome was expected by everyone except Capcom employees, so they had to cancel the test and promise to make it up in the future. Apologies were issued from just about every Capcom presence online, while personal employee accounts also asked for patience.

When Capcom went to stress their servers again, they decided to run regional tests to avoid a repeat crushing defeat. North and South America have now enjoyed two shots at the beta, while Europe and Japan also got to kick the tires briefly. The new internal data must have been promising, since Capcom is ready to take on the world again tonight.

The worldwide beta test will begin on August 28th at 4pm PST (August 29th 12:00am BST/ 8:00am JST), and will continue for five days and end on September 2nd at 7am PST (3:00pm BST/11:00pm JST). Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas

I played the NA Betas extensively and have witnessed the massive improvement in both server stability and match playability. As these were server stress tests and not proper matchmaking tests, I was up against opponents both way above and below my skill level, with next to no time to play around in Training Mode before the next match kicked my face in appeared. Oh well, no practice like a live opponent! The current Training Mode lacks any sort of sophisticated Dummy options, anyway. Once the ability to record/playback goes live, that’s when I suspect we’ll start seeing some amazing V-Trigger/Skill/Reversal playbook options.

No word yet on when PC pre-orders will be able to jump in for beta shenanigans beyond “Fall”. Also, if you do not have a specific PS4 compatible arcade stick (or are using a special adapter), you’ll be forced to play with the standard pad. There are Street Fighter players on the Capcom Pro Tour that compete using a standard pad, but I am neither pro or used to playing with a pad, so this restriction is frustrating. Ultra PS4 players are able to use legacy sticks thanks to included drivers, something that Capcom is considering for the proper release.

At this moment in time we’re currently evaluating PS3 joystick and controller functionality for the final product. That said, PS3 joysticks and controllers will not work for this BETA. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas

If you happen to play LadyGuardian this weekend, it is really me. But, uh, don’t be too impressed with yourself if you take a double perfect victory.

1.) I’m stuck playing on a pad, thanks to lack of legacy drivers

2.) I’m trying to learn Cammy for the first time in history with no time in training mode

3.) And

Thus concludes my list of excuses for being terrible in this SFV Beta. For now.


If you are new to the Street Fighter Universe, I’ll have plenty of posts and videos the next few months to help break everything down. Today I’m going to cover some basic info about Street Fighter IV relevant to some decisions Capcom made about Street Fighter V.

Street Figher IV Home Version Lifecycle Recap:

Street Fighter IV (2009)
Super Street Fighter IV (2010)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2011 & 2014 switches GFWL to Steamworks)
Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

There are versions available for iOS, Android, and 3DS, but let’s be like everyone else and pretend they don’t exist.

Capcom has decided that Street Fighter V will not go through this type of nonsense again. While they sort of found a graceful exit by calling the last version “Ultra” instead of “Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Hyper Fighting Tournament New Challengers Edition” — a missed opportunity — SFV will only ever have one version, as revealed at the Capcom Evo 2015 Panel.

Keeping both the playerbase together and initial fighter roster small are genius ideas for this new generation. My older copies of Super Street Fighter IV have nobody online to play most hours of the day. A new player in Ultra can easily get overwhelmed choosing from among forty different characters, never mind learning how to prepare for a very large number of matchups. Regardless of how large the future roster might be, you will always have the information you’ll learn playing with and against those first sixteen to carry you forward. Though characters and combos have evolved from vanilla SFIV to Ultra, fundamentals remain the same: fireball, dragon punch, curse yourself for dropping an easy combo… you know, the usual.

I’m very curious to see how everyone reacts to the new Fight Money and Zenny systems when they go live. Fight Money, earned after matches in the beta, is fleeting and varies by the day since Capcom is still working out how much you’ll get for various ranked battles. And, right now, they are still the only ones that know what will be available in the store and for how much. Riot’s League of Legends store allows players to buy heroes through currency earned in-game (Influence Points) or fake currency that costs real money (Riot Points), but all cosmetic character options require real money investment. Since Capcom used the key phrase “all post-launch gameplay related content will be earnable by playing the game”, it is likely that their store will follow a similar model. The PS4 version of Ultra includes all costumes for every character, including all the seriously ugly ones I would happily unbuy even if I got only pennies back for them. Some of the Wild and Vacation costumes are just not for me! Presently, non-PS4 Ultra players have the option of buying costumes only in ‘packs’. If you only ever play Sakura and not Chun-Li, C. Viper, Rose, or Cammy, that’s too bad because you’ve got to buy the whole lot.

Though it is extremely early in the life of Street Fighter V, I’m pleased with how Capcom has been handling development. It would have been easy to make another version of IV and call it V. Or to remake the Alpha series. Or even a release newer version of SSFII HD Remix. Instead, bits and pieces from older games have been modernized and given to individual characters. For example: Ryu can parry, a mechanic from the SFIII series, thanks to his V-Skill: Mind’e Eye. Not all of the currently announced characters are available in the beta. All Street Fighter fans have a wishlist that could fill the 16 roster slots three times over, myself included. My boy Ken is coming back, so that’s nice. I will happily fork over many dollars if I can give him a better haircut (plz bring back Alpha hair Ken. <3.). I also kinda want that shirt for the gym.


Bad Hair, Good Shirt


Great Hair, Okay Shirt

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