Canada Cup Dining Options

Welcome to Canada!

Past Canada Cup competitors and spectators are used to this event being in Calgary, so let me also welcome you to Toronto…. sorta. See that lovely skyline pic in the header?  This is not quite where you will be. If your hotel room is high enough on the lucky side and the weather is clear, maybe you could see the CN Tower. Actually getting over there is a bit of a drive (or cab, or bus -> subway ride) away. Even though you aren’t steps away from the heart of downtown nightlife or the coolest restaurants, there are still options within walking distance of the Airport Sheraton.

Since you will need it to order food on the phone or online, the full hotel address is:

Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
(if they ask, the nearest major intersection is Dixon & Carlingview)
801 Dixon Road, Toronto/Etobicoke
M9W 1J5 Continue?!? 9, 8, 7, 6…

Street Fighter V Worldwide Beta Resumes

I cannot wait for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter has been a part of my life since Street Fighter II hit arcades and never went away. Arcades around me disappeared in a hurry but, thanks to consoles getting stronger every generation, home versions featured modes and characters not available in arcades, as well as online play so you didn’t have to beg your friends to come over in order to digitally beat them up.

The first SFV Beta Test was originally scheduled earlier, but almost immediately collapsed under the pressure of devoted PlayStation 4 pre-order players crushing the servers. This outcome was expected by everyone except Capcom employees, so they had to cancel the test and promise to make it up in the future. Apologies were issued from just about every Capcom presence online, while personal employee accounts also asked for patience.

When Capcom went to stress their servers again, they decided to run regional tests to avoid a repeat crushing defeat. North and South America have now enjoyed two shots at the beta, while Europe and Japan also got to kick the tires briefly. The new internal data must have been promising, since Capcom is ready to take on the world again tonight. Continue?!? 9, 8, 7, 6…

Episode 19 – Epic Mickey

Special thanks to Darren Kitchen for the camera work! At E3 2010 Jenn got her first hands-on look at Epic Mickey, a Wii exclusive coming out during the holidays. She interviewed Matt from Disney interactive and got walked through a middle portion of the game while he talked about many of the features while being coy about others. To top it all off, there’s a Disney-provided interview with Warren Spector about his vision and goals for the game. And, truly, Jenn is very very very thrilled that there is a real lefty mode. (18:00) Continue?!? 9, 8, 7, 6…

Episode 18 – Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper (June 13th, 2010)

Jenn endures old memories, new toys, heartbreak, and love rekindled thanks to a lucky bargain find: Parappa the Rapper. Parappa is a game she loved since forever and getting a copy again led to some interesting discoveries. You gotta do what? I gotta believe!! (16:00) Continue?!? 9, 8, 7, 6…