Jenn Cutter created OpenAlpha in 2005 to share her love of gaming with the world because her friends were sick to death of hearing her going on and on about it. Much to her surprise, this led to an international following that kept growing throughout the initial 16 episodes, leading to regular appearances on television, web shows, and in print.

Jenn has appeared on G4TechTV, CP24, HowTo Australia, and TVTokyo. She’s also contributed to This Week In Tech, Hak.5, Three Moves Ahead, and will forever look fondly back on her time with Call For Help with Leo Laporte.

Now OpenAlpha is back so Jenn can share her thoughts on the latest gaming news, tech, and breakdown the wide world of esports. From retro favourites to new releases, Street Fighter to Counter-Strike, and the piles of video game related junk Jenn can’t stop buying, OpenAlpha covers it all.