Club Nintendo Rewards

Back in June, even though I never thought it was going to happen, I managed to become a Platinum Member of Club Nintendo. Back in July I got to pick the statue that I’d get as my reward. They said they’d ship it around Christmas so I was pretty surprised to get a box from them in November that wasn’t PR-related. Or either of the two other things I ordered from Club Nintendo that have yet to arrive. Frankly I had no clue what this box was for since I forgot about the whole ‘reward’ thing by August.

Gotta say, I love the box. I love it more than the statue, honestly, even though I know it’s simple and takes nothing to make from home. Nintendo could have been boring and shipped this in foam, but Club Nintendo is for the (minimum) slightly hardcore and they did it up right.

My still camera does not like to zoom. I assure you, it looks better in real life.


This is totally going on my desk the set.

3 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Rewards

  1. Cool! I only have 300 coins so far. I will never make it to platinum, much less gold. But maybe someday I will be able to get the cool fans or the playing cards. I’m jealous. Tell you what, you give me your coins and you get to feel good about doing a good deed (~_^).

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