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Cynical Reactions

Alas! When did this happen? Any time a game company has dropped the ball the last few months, in any conceivable way, I have been assuming the worst.

Gran Turismo 5 delayed? Those jerks at Sony probably wanted it to require the latest unreleased firmware, forcing Polyphony Digital to go back and change stuff when they were ready to go gold. Or Kaz was horsing around again when he should start saving stuff for GT6.

Kinect fudging its space requirements? They knew they’d sell far less if they had to put on the box “requires 5m and enough light to be considered a small sun to function”.

Call of Duty: Black Ops robbery? My first reaction was totally ‘publicity stunt’, even though I knew cops and real weapons were involved :(

Konami Dance Masters not releasing their final difficulty level at launch and no word as to whether it will be free or paid DLC? Or even when it’s coming out? And, even days after launch, no one has unlocked Stealth mode yet? Ridiculous.

The latest 360 dashboard update breaks autoplaying discs? Not cool. I hate that Sony purposefully disabled that feature (should be standard, not a feature) to force you to look at their stupid scrolling top right info bar that you also cannot remove. I know it only takes an extra second to move to selecting the game and starting it, but I really like turning on the system, getting a drink, and coming back to the game already past the unskippable intros and ready to play. It was easy to assume that MS was now following suit and their dashboard is waaaaaaaaay more annoying!

90% of their channels are useless to me. I bought a 360 for gaming, nothing else. Start me on My Xbox — or let me select the option to start there — so I don’t have to go through your annoying crap to get what I want. Kinect’s longish boot doesn’t help matters now that auto-starting discs is disabled, regardless of your selection in System Settings.

The (hopefully temporary) Microsoft-approved fix in the meantime is pretty funny:

To launch the current disc

1. Go to My Xbox

2. Select the first panel to Play Disc

Thanks to GeneralBison for the heads up about the issue and fix after I asked what had happened on twitter :)

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