Episode 10: Nintendo Wii Introduction

Episode 10 – Nintendo Wii Introduction

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Nintendo Wii Introduction (May 15, 2006)

Jenn takes a first look at the Nintendo Wii and some of the various tech demos available on the floor instant weight loss. More from E3 to come including an in-depth look at some first party games and titles Jenn is looking forward to this holiday season. (6:14)

NOTICE: These almost as old as dirt OpenAlpha episodes have the original show notes below meaning plenty — if not all — of the links have been broken thanks to the decay of time and souls. Be warned!

As is always the case after any E3 it’s really nice to have a few days to let your hearing and voice recover! It took me a while to sort through and pick out the best/most usable footage from my Nintendo appointment to bring you this short introductory episode. Ian tried his best but it’s tough to go from a handycam to an XL2 without a few bumps and a sore shoulder. He was a real trooper!

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