Episode 14: Beatmania+

Episode 14 – beatmania+

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beatmania+ (August 31st, 2006)

In this first music game episode Jenn takes a look at beatmania on the PS2 and some of the games it inspires on the PC and PSP. She also takes a stroll down memory lane to the first music game she can remember playing. (17:45)

NOTICE: These almost as old as dirt OpenAlpha episodes have the original show notes below meaning plenty — if not all — of the links have been broken thanks to the decay of time and souls. Be warned!

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Feedback: Wanna be a dancing fool? You’ve got options: Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, StepMania, Pump it Up! What’s you favourite? What types of songs do you find make your feet happy? Do you think those of us that like these types of games have something wrong in the head? :)

Show Links:

DJ Max (you can import the game from PlayAsia or get the Prestige Box Set Collector’s Edition)
Be-Pachi Music


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