Episode 16: Channel Surfing

Episode 16 – Channel Surfing

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Channel Surfing (February 16, 2007)

Jenn takes a road trip to Virginia and enjoys surfing the Wii Channels and playing with the new Wii Remote Straps as well as some less than graceful replacements. (14:09)

NOTICE: These almost as old as dirt OpenAlpha episodes have the original show notes below meaning plenty — if not all — of the links have been broken thanks to the decay of time and souls. Be warned!

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Jenn’s Wii Code: 3426 0037 5492 9721 — I still have a couple of pages left in my address book but please note that if you post your Wii Code below I will be unable to add you until I get back to Toronto late next week :)

Show Links

Nintendo Wii Remote Strap Replacement – you can order from the website or call 1-800-859-4519
WiiPlayable.com – collection of games playable on the Wii through the Internet Channel/Opera Browser
Direct Duck Hunt Link
Candystand – all ad based games but some are reasonably entertaining
albinoblacksheep.com wii games


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