OpenAlpha is coming back! (Really!!)

Jenn finally snapped and admitted she missed the show too much to let it lie. New episodes, new guides, new EVERYTHING coming soon.

A Lifetime of Gaming

Way back in 2005, Jenn’s friends were sick half to death of hearing her going on and on and on about endless fun things in tech and gaming. So she talked to the internet instead. Much to her surprise, this led to an international following that kept growing throughout the initial 16 episodes, leading to regular appearances on television, web shows, and in print.

Jenn has contibuted to Daily Tech News Show, Hak.5, This Week In Tech, Three Moves Ahead, to name a few. Her time with Call For Help with Leo Laporte was a wonderful & life-changing experience.

OpenAlpha covers Jenn’s thoughts on latest gaming news & releases, the wide world of esports, to the retro games of her childhood AND BEYOND.

Hey everyone, things are gonna look kinda sorta broken around here over the next week or so. Lots of behind the scenes clean up work going on. Nothing to see here :D