Gosh, just look at the time!

It’s been slightly under an entire calendar year since OpenAlpha lived in any form. Last year was not a good year for me. There were brief periods of amazing joy in the first half of 2011 — CES, E3, Montreal Grand Prix (F1) — and then a crappy straight downward line from there. I’m not sad to see 2011 fade away! I’ll take the lessons learned the hard way to heart and improve myself. Oh, and have lots and lots and lots of fun whenever possible. My life needs more fun and that includes more gaming and writing ^_^

I get to kick 2012 off right, too! This time next week I’ll be en route to Sweden for the Paradox Interactive Convention 2012.

Did I mention that we’re gonna be at Häringe Castle? No? Cause we are. Woo! It’s ok to hate me right now. I can hardly believe I’m going either! For you Paradox fans out there, take a look at the Games list and lemme know if you have specific questions for to me to ask people. I’ll be going to the event by myself, but I know I can wrangle some help to get some video done. It’s too bad I won’t be covering the Paradox con for GamePro like I did last year (not that I can link you because all GamePro links are now dead. So much great work by everyone, just, *poof!*), but all my musings and videos will show up or be linked to from right here. If all goes well with my phone internationally, you can also check out any super quick impressions on twitter: @jenncutter

General Housekeeping

I switched the OpenAlpha theme for ease of updating and formatting for both video and written and gallery posts. I’ve had several quadrillion ideas for OA over the last year, and I waited to bring the site back until I was absolutely certain I could implement them, and do so consistently. I’m so excited to be filming again, and getting to do so overseas in a country I’ve been dying to visit since I was little is such a wonderful bonus!!

Looking forward to sharing all my random gaming love with you again!

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