Kinect Hates My Game Room

Kinect and my game room are not friends right now. They only sort of talk to each other. Occasionally. Such a petty spat. Dance Masters would let me play sporadically, even though it wouldn’t actually tell me when it couldn’t see me, despite their assurances otherwise. Heck, even when it could see me and my movement snapshot came out perfectly, I’d still get Boos randomly, even though I got Perfects for the exact things I did the moment before. Very very annoying.

Close. Ish.

Kinect Adventures was even more picky about it. Even though Adventures said I was well into the Good section of floorspace for gaming, and even on the line of the Best section (which you need for two players), leaning even 10cm would cause the action to come to a halt while it tried to find me again. It’s quite the pity since I was really having fun with it! I thought would only count as a 1/2 of a game since most bundled things are crap, but with this and Wii Sports proving quite entertaining, I support this new trend! I haven’t even bothered with the Move yet but maybe they can make it three for three. Not counting on it. It’s still ridiculous that the Move Starter Bundle doesn’t come with the Navigation controller or at least a second Move. This, however, is an issue for another day.

I can’t move my tv anywhere, but I can try and ditch the couch. Try is the operative word. As I mentioned before, the low ceiling is a massive issue and I already banged my head and scraped my knuckles from my play session last night. Adventures has you jump and Dance Masters requires hands over head moves. Argh. This weekend I’ll try to work it out and post my thoughts on the games themselves, as well as what it’s like to navigate with the camera. It’s not entirely fair to lambast the camera and games for anything aside from it’s ridiculous space requirements at this point… even though I measured and I was actually standing a full 2m (6.56ft) away from it. Oh, and I had to use my studio lights to make sure it was properly differentiating me from the wall behind. And I had to take off my baggy hoodie and switch shorts for it to see my legs. The hoodie I understand since seeing my hands would be considered critical. The shorts? Less cool.

Tonight I catch up with an old friend over kick ass Korean food downtown, so fussing around with furniture for the sake Kinect vision can wait a day. Absolute worst case involves me moving the xbox to a smaller tv in a different area to save my hands and head. My secondary is a massive step down, so I hope to avoid that solution.

4 thoughts on “Kinect Hates My Game Room

  1. No doubt motion controls area a cool idea. The tech just doesn’t seem advanced enough to allow designers to really do something with it. I haven’t turned on my Wii in almost a year. The best thing Move seems to have going for it is FPS controls, and third-parties have already done it better.
    On a slightly different note it is a seemingly great initial success(can only buy it from speculator scum on Marketplace right now, thanks Oprah). I seriously wonder how many people realize it is an add-on and they have to have a 360 in order for it to work?

  2. I haven’t thought much about the distance required for motion controls to work best, so thank you for sharing your (unfortunate) experience with them. I’m surprised to learn you had to wear shorts. While I doubt there will be quite the 3rd party market of nearly useless things that the Wii remote has (tennis racket attachments sold in drug stores), I have to wonder if there will be an attempt at marketing “Kinect compatible” clothing or at least a backdrop to hang behind you.

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